The Evan E. Worthing Alumni Association is committed to providing a myriad of opportunities to support the success of each student. The fundamental purpose of this Alumni Association is to serve as a stimulus by encouraging Worthing students to become aware of resources that will help them develop into informed and productive citizens and to aid in their advancement and development beyond high school. Additionally, the purpose of the Alumni Association extends to serving as liaison to the student body, faculty, administration, the Sunnyside community, and all stakeholders in the path to excellence.

The Evan E. Worthing Alumni Association has a 501c.3 status allowing for consideration of donations based on filing status. The Association pledges to “pay it forward” to students seeking a quality education. We remember Worthing High School as the place where we drew our inspiration, our educational foundation was laid, our dreams were birthed, and the helping hands who reached out to us. Now is the time to give back a portion of what we gained while at Worthing – money, time and talents! We invite the many others who are passionate about and value education and community to donate to the Worthing Alumni Association.

Please complete the information on this form and return with your donation. Donations can be made by check payable to Evan E. Worthing Alumni Association and mailed to P.O. Box 330954, Houston, TX 77233 or ZELLE to                    

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